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Clients Requirements.

The client will be responsible for obtaining and supplying information required to create  3D Models.  This information can be provided via: Paper plans,  PDF Files or other image files, Electronic Files such as Acad DWG, Microstation DGN, Terremodel PRO.  The engineers electronic files are required,  they are a great starting place for 3d models but are rarely detailed enough to be a final model.


Electronic Files


Electronic files are the best for starting 3d models.  They eliminate reproducing information that has already been create by the engineers.  Engineers files are rarely "plug and play" these files need to be enhanced to create a good models.


Paper Plans or Electronic Plans


Paper plans are the minimum required to build a 3d model.  However this requires everything electronic to be recreated from "scratch".  This process is very time consuming and hence more costly.  You must think you are starting from a blank piece of paper.


Electronic Plans are simply a electronic print of the paper plans and also require starting from "scratch".

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